With the help of many, we were able to sustain enough attention on Saeed’s case to move Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to call off his death sentence. But, Saeed is still condemned to a life sentence, and the only evidence to support the charges against him are confessions he gave under torture.

Read how Saeed’s dream life turned into his worst nightmare here.

Saeed’s fate remains unknown. The only person with the power to determine Saeed’s fate is Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Spread the word about Saeeds plight to your colleagues, friends, fans and followers. Your popularity on social media can serve as an important tool to raise awareness about Saeed’s plight and as a result increase the chance of gaining the Supreme Leader’s attention.

There are four messages we wish to convey:

  1. Only evidence Iran has to support the charges against Saeed are confessions he gave under torture http://bit.ly/1Ff7xPC #LifesNotFair
  2. Iran’s leader did Right Thing by calling off execution, time for Fair Thing: Quash His Life Sentence. #LifesNOTFair, #FreeSaeedMalekpour.
  3. #LifesnotFair What’s fair is for @Khamenei_ir to drop life sentence & #FreeSaeedMalekpour + Order an investigation into torture allegations
  4. June 5 is Saeed Malekpour’s 40th, He’s in Evin, been there since he was 33. This is his 7th Birthday behind bars. #HBDSaeed You’re Not Alone

TIP: Spread the word by tweeting to celebrities and techies and Twitter users with large followings and asking them to act in solidarity with Saeed by wishing him a happy 40th birthday. Promote #HBDSaeed and/or #LifesNotFair

Post photos and links about Saeed Malekpour on the Facebook pages or groups you own or are a part of. You can find plenty of resources on the campaign page for Saeed Malekpour.

TIP: Spread the word by leaving comments for celebrities and techies and asking them to post about Saeed to draw attention to his case, making sure to provide a link to more information about Saeed.

  1. If there is an Iranian embassy near you, organize a gathering outside the embassy to draw attention to Saeed’s case in hopes of getting the attention of Iran’s leadership. Send photos and videos from your event to the campaign’s Facebook page.
  2. Hold a birthday gathering for Saeed, take photos and video shots and send over to the campaign’s Facebook page.
  3. Record a solidarity message and post online, making sure to send a link to the campaign’s Facebook page.